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Bergen County Zoological Park (Van Saun Park Zoo)
Van Saun Park
216 Forest Avenue
Set in Bergen County's Van Saun Park this is small zoo with three different types of monkeys, a mountain lion, an ocelot, various types of exotic birds including an Arctic owl and an Andean condor, plus a farm area with cows, sheep, pigs, and a horse. They also have an "North American Plains" section that includes bison, elk and three bald eagles. The zoo is renovating, but they plan to have a bobcat and a greenhouse that will house butterflies very soon.

Cape May County Park Zoo
Route 9 & Crest Haven Road
Cape May Court House
The Cape May County park Zoo is accredited by the American Association of Zoological parks and is located on 128 acres in Cape May County Park. The reptile building suffered an electrical fire in 1998, killing over 200 lizards, turtles, snakes and insects. Since then, numerous donations and insurance money have enabled them to build a new 750,000 reptile facility which houses over 190 reptiles. The zoo has over 300 species of animals and birds including camels, cougars, lions, giraffes, leopards, monkeys, black bear, zebra and many more. Picnic facilities, a playground, trails and a fishing pond are all located within in the park. Open everyday, all year round (weather permitting) from 10am - 4:45 pm and admission is free (sometimes a donation may be requested).

Cohanzick Zoo
Bridgeton City Park
856-455-3230 ext. 242 or 277
1,000 acre zoo housing over 200 birds and animals from around the world including white tigers, zebras, leopards, wolves, ring-tailed lemurs, Himalayan black bears, lions, eagles and more. This zoo is set in Bridgeton City Park, which has picnic tables, hiking trails, playground and other park facilities. The zoo is open year everyday, all year. Admission is FREE

Green Meadows Petting Farm
330 Middle Rd.
Hazlet NJ 07730
GREEN MEADOWS FARM offers an ideal country learning environment for people of all ages. Our goal is to educate children and adults about farm animals. We accomplish this through guided tours geared to the age level of the children. Each visitor is encouraged to have a hands-on experience by touching all of our animals. Our farm is ideal for elementary and nursery schools, day care centers, families, church groups, scouts, birthday parties and company picnics. Hundreds of animals including: pigs, cows, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, mule, calves, llamas, alpacas, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, puppies and more. Tractor-drawn hayride. Milk a cow. Picnic area. Beverages, snacks and souvenirs. Hand sanitizers at all exibits. OPEN SEASONALLY. Visit website for Dates, Rates and Times. Children 2 and under FREE. Where Learning is Fun.

A Happy Tale Traveling Petting Zoo Farm and Ponies for Parties
P.O. Box 292
Clarksburg, NJ 08510
Friendly farm animals and ponies make any event special year round in New Jersey.A family owned business for over 25 years.

Johnson Park Zoo
River Road
Small park zoo with farm and other wild animals. Located within the picturesque Johnson Park which houses tennis courts, bike paths, snack stand and much more. Open Daily Dusk until Dawn and admission is Free.

Lakota Wolf Preserve
89 Mount Pleasant Road
Enjoy a scenic walk to the Lakota Wolf Preserve observing the many forms of local wildlife along the way. Upon arrival at the Preserve you will be invited to the observation area, in the center of four packs of wolves. During the informal talks with the people who raised and care for the wolves you will learn about the social structure of wolf packs, their eating habits, their interaction with man and many other interesting facts. While in the observation area you will be able to watch the wolves play, interact with each other and maybe even hear them howl. Wolf Watch program presented Twice Daily (Summer Hours) - 10:30 and 4:00. Fall & Winter (Standard Time) Twice Daily - 10:30 and 3:00. No Appointment Needed Saturdays and Sundays. Call for Reservations for Monday through Friday.

Popcorn Park Zoo
Humane Way & Lacey Road
Forked River
A very special zoo founded in 1977 to rescue and house animals that are sick, elderly, abandoned, abused or injured which could no longer survive in the wild. Over 200 domestic and exotic animals including an African Elephant, regal African lions, Bengal and Siberian tigers, American black bears, monkeys, llama, an Angus bull, goats, deer and many more are nestled in the scenic Pine Barrens. Learn how they found the animals and what they have done to save them. Open All year round, everyday from 11am - 5pm. Contributions are accepted as they receive no federal, state or local funding of any kind. Pictured is Tina, a Bengal Tiger who was abused behind the scenes of the big top when she was part of a traveling circus.

Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Park
Route 537
Billed as the largest drive-thru safari outside of Africa, this park is indeed huge. It is located on 350 acres and houses nearly 1,200 animals including Rhinoceros, giraffes, ostriches, baboons, kangaroos, tigers, camels, elephants, elks and much, much more. The animal areas are divided into "continents" covering a 4.5 mile drive, taking approximately 1 hour to complete (depending how slow you view). Be forewarned: They have an exit ramp prior to entering the baboon section for a reason! They will completely examine your vehicle in groups. If you have a convertible, a scratchless paint job, an ornament on your hood, an antenna sticking up, or loose molding, you won't after you've finished driving through! Amusement Park information can be found at Amusement Parks in NJ. Hurricane Harbor, their waterpark, can be found at Waterparks in NJ.

Space Farms Zoo & Museum
218 Route 519
Established in 1927 by Ralph & Elizabeth Space, this 100-acre zoo houses over 500 animals and more than 100 different species. Some of the animals include buffalo, lions, tigers, timber wolves, llamas, jaguars, monkeys, wild ponies and many more. I had the privilege of seeing their Guinness Record largest bear in the world (2000 lbs.,12 feet tall) prior to him passing on in 1991. They also hold three life longevity records for the bobcat (33 years), jaguar (21 years) and puma (22 years). A restaurant, gift shop, picnic area, store, playground and miniature golf are on premises. The museum houses over 100,000 items including antique autos, carriages, wagons, farm tools, Civil War weapons, a rare doll collection and much more.

Thompson Park Zoo
Forsgate Drive
A very small farm animal zoo located within Thompson Park. Open Sunrise - sunset, all year long and admission is FREE.

Turtle Back Zoo
560 Northfield Avenue
West Orange
16 acres of numerous domestic and wild animals, farm animal petting area, pony rides, train ride, cafe and gift shop.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center
Brigantine Boulevard
The Marine Mammal Stranding Center responds to marine mammal and sea turtle strandings along the NJ coast. MMSC is open to the public all year round, however, in the winter the hour are restricted to weekends only. The public can view the animals rehabilitating through the glass doors of the facility. The public is not allowed to enter the animal areas, as they are quarantined, and consequently there is no direct contact with the animals. They have a museum which houses features 25 life size replicas of marine mammals and fish, all found or stranded in New Jersey waters. In addition, educational displays explain the plight of marine animals that ingest ocean debris. A "Please Touch" display of marine mammal bones, features a sperm whale's jaw bone, dolphin spinal column, skulls, vertebrae and rib bones. The gift shop found in the same building, is one of their primary sources of funding. Their ever popular "Cupid the Seal" t-shirts, coffee mugs, window decals, and pins, provide a regular source of funding for the Center to maintain it's operations. In addition, one can find unique designs of gold and silver jewelry, blanket throws, children's books and games, and stuffed animals. There is no admission charge, however MMSC asks for a $1 donation per visitor to help fund the rehabilitation of the animals.

Jenkinson's Aquarium
On the boardwalk
Point Pleasant
Jenkinson's Aquarium is located on the popular Point Pleasant boardwalk. They house a variety of sharks, seals, alligators, stingrays, penguins and more. A hands-on touch tank allows visitors to feel some of the fish (not the alligators or sharks!). Also home of the Bounty, the original boat used in Mutiny on the Bounty. Call for feeding schedules. Numerous special events are held each weekend, check their website for a complete calendar. The aquarium is available for private functions after hours from mid-September to mid May.

New Jersey State Aquarium
1 Riverside Drive
609-365-3300 • 800-616-5297
New Jersey's largest aquarium with a 760,000 gallon open ocean tank holding well over 1,500 fish, 2 dozen sharks, sting rays, sea turtles and more totaling over 4,000 aquatic animals. Also seals, odd reptiles, exhibits and shows. Shows and events are held throughout the day which may include seal shows, dive show, films, Drama Gills shows, animal talks and presentations. Keep an eye out for CHOMPS, the aquariums mascot, as he can be found intermingling with guests. When you get hungry, the Riverview Indoor/Outdoor Cafe offers a stunning panorama view of the Philadelphia skyline and offers a lunch menu and snacks. If you would like some souvenirs, the Treasures Gift shop carries a collection of aquatic themed gift items. Special events are held at various time throughout the year. A fully covered, multi level parking garage is located across from the aquarium. Call for special activities and show times.

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